In the Series; FOOTPRINTS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, third edition published by Wolf Legal Publishers.

  • Volume I – Cultural Diplomacy: Waging War by other Means (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404168
  • Volume II – The Illusions of Détente (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404175
  • Volume III – Western cooperation: Origins and History (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404182 
  • Volume IV – European Unification into the Twenty-First Century (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404199
  • Volume V – Neither Justice nor Order: Reflections on the State of the Law of Nations (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404205

Special : DE GEEST VAN CHRISTUS LEEFT IN EUROPA. 2013 (BROCHURE 44pagina's). Wolf Legal Publishers.

NEW: GEZIN, WORD WAT JE BENT! Betsaida publishers 2018. 


Published by Sythoff, Martinus Nijhoff, Kluwer Academic Publishers


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  • Beyond Containment and Division. Western Cooperation From a Post-Totalitarian perspective, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston/ London. Hard-cover edition, 1992. Paperback,1993.

In the series: Publications of the John F. Kennedy Institute. Center for Internationals Studies



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  • Economic Relations After the Kennedy Round.*1969
  • Beyond the European Community, 1969
  • The Future of the International Monetary System.** 1970
  • NATO and Security in the Seventies.* 1970
  • Energy in the European Communities.* 1975
  • European Perspectives on World Order. 1975 (to be made available on my website).
  • The Lomé Convention and a new international economic order.* 1977
  • Uncertain Détente.* 1979.
  • National Economic Security: Perceptions, Threats and Policies.** 1982

By Other Publishers :


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*) editor
**) co-editor



Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


  • Cultural Diplomacy: Waging war by other means?
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  • The Illusions of Détente,
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  • Western Cooperation
  • Order Book
  • Sporen van de Twintigste Eeuw
  • Order Book
  • European Unification into the twenty first Century...
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  • De geest van Christus leeft in Europa
  • Order Book
  • Neither Justice nor Order
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European Unification into the Twenty First Century

Footprints of the 20th Century - Third Edition


The story of European Unification is fascinating. In 1950, two sworn enemies – France and Germany – decide to seek reconciliation and European federal unity. As a first step, they created the European Coal and Steel Community together with Italy and the Benelux countries. The fathers of this new Europe were visionary persons. Does today`s student or scholar still know who Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, Alcide de Gasperi or Willem Beyen were and what they stood for?

Footprints of the 20th Century

Footprints of the 20th Century - Third Edition


The peaceful collapse of the Soviet totalitarian, communist system has been a watershed of historic proportions in Europe and the world. In 1989, unexpectedly, Communism and the Cold War were behind us, they were bad and should be forgotten. The immediate post-1989 world presented itself as a new era of organised forgetting, as neither East nor West were interested in examining the prolonged period of acquiescence in absurdities.